Practice Day


Ladies Barbell This Friday 6:30pm

NO 6:30pm Class Gentleman. Ladies only.

Sundown CrossFit – CrossFit


Mastering Foundational Movements (MFM (No Measure)

8-10 reps of each


Push Press

Push Jerk

Front Squats


Back Squats

Overhead Squats



Strict Press (7×1 Heavy )


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds for time:

32 Double Unders

8 S2OH (155/105)

8 Front Squats

200m Run

Extra Credit

Week 1 Pull-Ups – Big Girl Gymnastics

4×6 Chin-up: AHAP (As heavy as possible), 4 count down

2a. 3×6 DB Row: 27.5% Bench 1RM

2b. 3×20 Band Pull Aparts

3a. 3×10 Cuban Press

3b. 3×8-12 Barbell Curl: AHAP, 4 count down*

*If you barely get 8, go down in weight. If you get 12 easily, go up in weight. The focus should be on the eccentric (down) portion of the lift. Keep the elbows tucked and by your side, controlling the motion for a full 4 sec.

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