Become a Member

All potential members with no experience MUST attend 1 free introductory class.  In this class we will introduce ourselves, tell you a little bit about Sundown CrossFit, teach you some basic CrossFit movements and take you through a quick workout.  Click here to sign up for your free class and then complete our web based waiver.

Try out a week of CrossFit, on the house!

We  offer our Free Class anytime Monday-Saturday.

Please Sign up for your Free Class!
Once you’ve completed your free intro classes you can sign up for CrossFit Fundamentals (If you have less than 3 Months of CrossFit prior). CrossFit Fundamentals is a 5 class program, we developed, to insure you will have all the knowledge and skill of proper CrossFit movements that will keep you safe, healthy, increase growth, and most importantly having fun!

After you “Pass” our CrossFit Fundamentals program you’re ready for General CrossFit classes! Check out our Class Schedule and see what time works best for you. We can’t wait to meet you at Sundown!!

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