Matt Moore

Matt was first introduced to CrossFit in 2007 by a trainer he was working with after he graduated from Cal Poly, SLO. Matt had always participated in competitive sports, so immediately became addicted to the CrossFit culture. In addition to providing the competitiveness he missed from team sports, CrossFit offered Matt new challenges, personal goals to constantly try to beat, a community of like-minded people to train with, and a realization that he not only loved to do CrossFit, but that he was a badass at teaching it, too. Through his dedication to constantly pushing his own personal limits, Matt has also learned the importance of whole-body wellness. As much as loves to set a new PR, he knows that if he helps someone accomplish a new goal of his/her own, that his work is done. 

CrossFit is a community where individuals work their hardest, but become better athletes (and people) by working together and supporting each other. 

CrossFit Accomplishments 
– 2013 NorCal Reebok CrossFit Games Regionals
– CrossFit Level 1 CF-L1 (2009)
– CrossFit Level 2 CF-L2 (2014) 
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